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Summer Solstice 2017 What a Blast! | Valley Distributing

Summer Solstice 2017 What a Blast!




The Summer Solstice was off to a rainy start but that did not dampen the spirits of anyone who was there!  What started off as a rainy day soon became a sunny, high energy beautiful day with music, dancing and great beer.



Pam Allen the Operations Director for Studio Brew and wife of Erich Allen (founders of Studio Brew)

was on there to speak to patrons about their beers.


Eric Allen the Master Brewer and owner of Studio Brew was on sight serving up Root Beer and telling everyone about their great products.


Valley Distributing brought Coors Light, Blue Moon, Studio Vienna Lager and Daz Pilsner

to Summer Solstice Fest to get the party going!


Pics of the Day!

See You Next Year!